APA JRs 2016-2017 Session

We would like to have the divisions already created and players assigned prior to the first Sunday of play so we'd ask that if you or any of your friends have a child, grandchild, nephew or niece between the ages of 7 and 17 that would be interested in playing in the Junior League please send an email to CMAPAKT@gmail.com or call the Charlotte Metro APA office at 704-598-4555. We need the Name, age and whether the Youth has ever played before.

We will be having another in-house Junior League out of Rack'Em. Play will be the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month with October 2nd, 2016 being the first Sunday of the 2016-2017 Session. The format is both 8 and 9 ball with 1 match each played between the opponents. 

If your home bar would like to host an in-house Junior League please discuss with them and have the bar contact the Charlotte Metro APA office at 704-598-4555 and we will be happy to discuss with them.

APA Ladies 8-ball League Format 

There will be some exciting new changes for the APA Ladies Division session.  We will continue to run the Ladies Division as a once a month format with two matches played each month.  However, as noted below, the format is changing from 5-8 person teams to 3-5 person teams with 3 matches played for each team match. The team Skill Level Limit for the 3 matches will be 13 (which is a half of a skill level increase from 19 when playing 5 matches).  Instead of the matches being played simultaneously, the second match will be played following the completion of the first match.  Team fees will be $30.00 per team per match.

The APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship is now a pre-registered event in Vegas, like the Masters Championship.  Our local APA will still be qualifying all teams for this championship through Ladies Division League play.  The slot count for the tournament that we are awarded is based on our team count - we will receive one slot for every 10 teams.